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I happy to inform you that, we are hosting a Virtual Seminar on the 23rd of November!

The Seminar will cover An Introduction to Neural Networks and cover not only but also following points:

  • Multi-layer perceptrons
  • Convolutional neural Networks
  • Recurrent neural Networks
  • Cost functions

We invite everybody, from Undergrad to postgrad and from Computer Science to Medicinal Robotics! Everybody that is interested to learn more about the fast evolving and mind boggling area of Artificial Intelligence is cordially invited!

We encourage the Universities to have 20 Students tuning in for the Webinar for further engagement possibilities like Nervana Cloud Dev access, possible on campus trainings and others!

Please register here and share the registration link with all interested students:


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Kind regards,

Aleksandra Rozej

AI Program Account Manager



dr hab. Urszula Boryczka