The research tasks realized within the Institute are of interdisciplinary character and include the fields of solid state physics, materials science, materials physicochemistry, polymers chemistry and certain problems of electro-chemistry coming within the scope of materials engineering and materials science and they are oriented on:

  • Research of structure and properties of materials with regard to surface research (metallic materials, biomaterials, shape memory alloys, ceramics and polymers)
  • Electrochemical methods of materials obtaining and testing
  • Development and advancement of atomic structure, electronic structure and materials properties research methods
  • Computer modeling of materials

The fundamental goal of the research is searching for and interpreting relations between the real microstructure and chemical compositions of the materials, their structural and functional properties and looking for areas of their use.

Educational process of the Institute is mainly connected with materials science and is realized within such faculties as: Materials Engineering with specialty Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering and Technical and Information Science Education.

The scientific and research activity of the Institute is mainly directed on:

  • Research of new materials including shape memory alloys, amorphous and nano-crystalline alloys, intermetallic phases, quasi-crystalline materials and composites.
  • Research of phase transitions and the real structure and physicochemical properties of metals, ceramics and polymers.
  • Research of materials structure and properties taking into account surface research (metallic materials, biomaterials, shape memory alloys).
  • Electrochemical methods of materials obtaining and researching.
  • Development and advancement in materials research methods, especially high resolution electron microscopy, convergent beam diffraction, X-ray structural analysis taking advantage of Rietyeld method, methods of atomic and electronic structures testing, as well as electrochemical methods of researching electrochemical processes and materials properties.
  • Computer modeling of materials.